Wet-dry shop vacuums, though small family-use vacuums, portable vacuums to industrial vacuum cleaners all use high-powered vacuum motors with tremendous rotation speeds of 20 – 30 thousand rpm. Therefore, during use, the device has one of the following problems that will lead to the vacuum cleaner getting hot very quickly. Let’s find out the reasons below to be able to fix your wet-dry shop vacuum at home when needed.

The cause of a hot vacuum

The purpose of a heated vacuum cleaner is quite many. However, we need to find out the leading reasons introduced below. In the process of using the vacuum cleaner, you need to stop the operation from checking if we feel the hood of the vacuum cleaner near the electric motor is hotter than usual. Besides, you also check the wet-dry shop vacuum when smelling the smell from the exhaust air behind the vacuum cleaner.

  • The suction line is clogged

When the suction line is clogged, the thing that makes the vacuum cleaner get hot. This is not every seller of vacuum cleaners knows precisely, not to mention the user. The suction line that the author refers to includes not only the suction line but also the dust filter and the filter in front of the suction motor.

The cause of the suction motor is hot mostly comes from this reason. Because when the suction line is mostly blocked or clogged will cause the pressure in the suction line to drop, the suction motor must work at high capacity. As a result, the suction temperature is reduced; the vacuum motor has to work at a large size, which leads to an increase in motor temperature. At the same time, with many types of household vacuum cleaners that use the rear airflow to cool the engine, so when the pipe is choked. Moreover, the exhaust air will be reduced, and the engine will not be sufficiently cooled.

  • Turn on the wet-dry shop vacuum continuously

For high speed, electric motors used in vacuum cleaners or regular blender should not operate for long periods. The reason that is the heat generated is very high due to the magnetic field, and the brush contacts contact with the commutator of the rotor. With the type of industrial vacuum cleaner is manufactured with high quality, well cooled so it can be used continuously, while with household vacuum cleaners with compact design, the ability to lower cooling.

  • The motor shaft is stuck

After a long period of use, the motor revolutions can get dry, resulting in high friction, and the heat generated by the conflict on the shaft will cause engine heat to increase. At the same time, when the motor shaft is stuck, the load will increase, and the heat generated in the electronic coils will increase rapidly. This knowledge is probably only understood by people who know electrical engineering.

  • The engine has inadequate cooling

The reduced heat dissipation of the motor is also a cause of the hot vacuum cleaner. With the compact design, the less the heat dissipation capacity, so this is also a drawback of household vacuum cleaners. With industrial wet-dry shop vacuums designed for continuous use, the heat dissipation is a lot better. We should also note that most home vacuum cleaners now use exhaust air to cool the engine. Therefore, after a long time, using the engine can be dusty, so it is necessary to clean and lubricate.

  • Quality motor vacuum cleaner

No one knows that the cause of heating the wet-dry shop vacuum motor is related to the quality of the engine. With the cheap vacuum cleaner, there will always be low-quality components, especially electric motors. An electromagnetic coil is a large part of heat generation, so if used with aluminum wire will give poor quality, tremendous heat, weak capacity and burn quickly, use copper wire with an appropriate cross-section to ensure quality, loss low heat loss, high performance. Cheap electric motors often use aluminum wire.

How to handle when the wet-dry shop vacuum is hot

With the main reasons analyzed above, we have immediately appropriate and timely remedies. Below, I will give you the direction of fast processing and add essential notes when buying and using a vacuum to ensure stability, good quality.

  • You need to regularly clean the suction pipe, dust filter bags, filters, in addition to dirt. There is much large rubbish accidentally and clogged in the suction pipe, leading to reduced suction power.
  • Please do not turn on the vacuum continuously with the small vacuum type in the family; it will take time for the motor to cool down.
  • Regularly check the suction force by feeling when putting the palm into the suction mouth. If you find the suction force is weaker, then you need to clean the suction line as soon as possible, avoiding to the point of not being able to smoke to clean the suction line.
  • Regularly pay attention to the sound emitted from the vacuum motor; when the rotating shaft is stuck, there will be abnormal sound; we should check early.
  • You should clean the electric motor periodically to clean the dust that obstructs the heat dissipation. Besides, you need to change the brush when it is heavily worn to avoid the wet-dry shop vacuum getting hot.
  • Should use a space when good quality, the price should not buy too cheap because it will affect the quality of internal components.

In conclusion

Above is the information needed for the wet-dry shop vacuum user that I want you to understand about the vacuum cleaner being used in the family. Hopefully, it will help you in using, troubleshooting abnormalities when they occur.

For any repairman, the tool is an indispensable companion when working. These tools will help them do their jobs faster and more accurately and efficiently. So, are you curious about what those tools are?

In today’s article, I would like to recommend the necessary repair kit for repairers who are in the industry or interested in repair work to refer. I don’t take your time anymore. Let’s start exploring right away.



The first tool that I would recommend to you is the hammer. It is extremely useful both in repair and in life. For example, in everyday life, when you want to attach a picture or picture frame or other furniture to the wall, a hammer is an indispensable tool.

As for repairing, hammers are also a basic and indispensable tool. It helps workers to remove nails or fasten nails on all material surfaces. Especially with a compact and lightweight design, it can work very well in small corners or narrow ranges to support you get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

On the market today, there are many types of hammers with full functionality and size. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, the worker can choose a hammer with the right size to suit the needs of the job to bring the best efficiency.

Pliers and pliers to cut the wire


The next basic tool I want to mention is the pliers. On the market there are many types of pliers with many different models and designs, they have completely different applications and structures. So, to choose for yourself an appropriate plier, you need to understand the structure and its use to avoid losing money, confusion when purchasing.

For repair work, there are two common types of pliers: multi-purpose pliers and wire cutting pliers. For versatile pliers, as well as its name, it has a compact structure and high-quality material that you can take away when transporting very easily and conveniently and can handle all jobs quickly. As for wire cutters, The application of these pliers is for cutting electrical wires. With a compact structure and made of hard steel makes cutting wires easy. In particular, the handle is equipped with insulated plastic, making it safe to use. Besides applying it in repairs, you can also use it in electronics, telecommunications, construction or handmade …



The wrench is often used whenever you want to change, disassemble or assemble items such as washing machine, bicycle, motorbike, etc. Besides, it is almost like a screwdriver to remove small screws. the wrench used to mount the larger screws. That makes installation or disassembly work of the repairer becomes easy and does not take much effort.

Hex Key set

hex key set
hex key set

Next, I want to mention the hex key tool. Do you know this type of wrench? The Allen wrench set may not be popular compared to other wrench types. But this is one of the hand tools that I think is extremely necessary for the repair and assembly work.

The specific benefits of this type of wrench are first, with the compact and rectangular shape design, the tool can be easily stored, carried in the toolbox or motorbike trunk (car) when repairing.

Besides, because it is sold in sets of different sizes of hex keys, users can use the product to open different types of bolts and screws.

Moreover, due to being made of stainless steel with high hardness and bearing strength, the Hex Key will not be bent, warped or deformed, damaged when using.  Despite being affected by a large force. And, the hex key’s head is designed with many angles, following the needs of use, saving time to complete the work, while not damaging or losing the thread of screw head.

The advantages of this best hex key are awesome, right? If you find it is the tool you are looking for, then quickly equip your home and your repair shop.



Screwdrivers are one of the basic tools needed in-home kits and repair work. With a simple design, there is a metal body with a head shaped suitable for screw and rolled with hard or flexible plastic. Therefore, screwdrivers are easy to distinguish from other tools in the basic kit.

Screwdrivers have many applications in your daily life. First, it assists in dismantling for the maintenance of desktops, laptops, phones, and other small electronic devices. And it also disassembles and opens separate electrical outlets, wall sockets, light switches, household electrical appliances. Or remove the screws on a motorcycle or bicycle when fixing. Finally, it can also be accepted to disassemble indoor furniture such as beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs …

When getting a screwdriver, you need to consider two factors that are screw head size and the length of the screwdriver. With the size and shape of the screwdriver head, each needs different repair, will use the appropriate head. As for the length of screwdrivers which is also depending on the needs, you can choose the right length for the job. However, you should not choose a screwdriver too long if you do not want to get tired when tightening.

Tape measure


The last tool I want to show you is the tape measure. I think everyone knows about this extremely convenient and popular tool, right? Whenever you want to measure, you immediately think of the tape measure, right? Therefore, its main use is to assist you accurately measure the size of an object or material.

Besides, this ruler is made of alloy and steel. So rarely stretch and rust. You can feel secure using it for a long time without worrying about rust and failure.

In conclusion

Do you have enough of these tools? If you do not have enough I suggest that you should equip them immediately. Because I have gathered information from surveys with my consumers, they are some basic tools that most people use in repair work.

Therefore, if you are a beginner to repair or a professional repairman, you need to equip the above basic tools. Or simply, If you are a person who does not like to hire a repairman and wants to try to repair the broken items in your home, you should not ignore the tools.

Finally, I hope that the information I give is necessary and useful to you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Good luck!

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