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Business girl. Designer. Artist. Wife. you can find me in my studio, driving all over town, or at home with my dogs (see below) – always with my phone in hand. I’m also addicted to blogs, photography, diet coke and making things happen!

I am married to my high school sweetheart and one of the craziest guys I know. Meet Derek.

  • We don’t have any kids yet… so for now these will do.

    I started my design career working as a designer for hotelshomes and hobbies….

    Now I have my own gig, named after the two people who spawned creativity into me — my Grandma Georgia and my Papaw Jimmy. Hence the name, Georgia James.

    If anyone has met me once they know I have a deep love for Pulaski AcademyPi Beta Phiand any and all things Arkansas.

    Many asked why I moved back from beautiful Aspen, Colorado. If you had the friends and family that I do in Arkansas… you would have never left.

    Now it is up to me to make it as a designer in Little Rock with a little inspiration from my favorite people, blogs and my newest obsession, PINTEREST.




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